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Youth Reconnect supports at risk youth in their home communities and prevents them from having to leave the Region.  With the help of its partners, The RAFT focuses on helping at-risk youth receive the support they need to stay in Niagara.  Our services target at-risk youth without secure housing by focusing on creating independence.  By activating a social safety net, youth remain connected to their home community. In addition the RAFT provides community based initiatives in a number of stressed neighbourhoods to build stronger caring communities.
After School Matters reaches into the community to empower positive change.  The initiative strives to mitigate the effects of low-income on children and youth living in stressed neighborhoods through free and accessible programs.  After School Matters is a comprehensive, coordinated, and universal approach that empowers youth, their families, and the neighbourhood as a whole.  The program provides after-school programs and summer camps. The program currently serves five neighborhoods in Niagara.  By inviting youth and their families to take responsibility for their neighbourhood, After School Matters lessens the negative impact of poverty.
The RAFT provides homeless and at risk youth with the support and services to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty and become independent adults through its hostel and drop in centre. The RAFT provides a non judgmental environment that is free from violence, intimidation, drugs and alcohol. Through a focus on independent living youth learn how to live a healthy life style while participating in life skills and personal development programs. Youth receive support to find housing, employment and a stable future.
The RAFT is part of the Niagara Resource Service for Youth, supporting at risk youth, families and neighbourhoods in Niagara.
Making a difference, one step at a time
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