How You Can Help
There are many ways you can help. By donating time, money, and your commitment, you can make a difference. When you make a donation to the RAFT, you are investing in the future of our youth
Make an in kind donation of goods or supplies
The RAFT welcomes in kind donations.  We are always looking for healthy snacks, prepared meals, canned goods to restock our emergency food cupboard, office supplies, personal toiletries and winter mitts, gloves and socks.  We can arrange to pick up the items or they can be dropped off at the RAFT during regular business hours.
Donate stocks and securities
If you donate stock or securities you save capital gains taxes on your investment while receiving a tax receipt for the full value of the stock.
Volunteer at the RAFT
Volunteers use their skills, talents and experience to help clients realize a better future. Through the efforts of our volunteers, clients realize that they are valued and worthwhile members of society.
Advocate & share your concerns
In an ideal world, youth should not live on the street.  All young people should have a safe home and a caring family.  We cannot change why youth end up on the street, but we can advocate for at risk and homeless youth through better prevention programs.  Talk to your political and community leaders.  Ask them what they are doing for homelessness.  Get involved.
Making a difference, one step at a time
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